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Season of Fitness Holiday Gift Guide

Tis’ the season for gift gifting and spending quality time with friends and family. If you have someone in your life that is either casual or dedicated about their gym time, this is the gift guide for you. You’ll find gift ideas for those in your life that spend their time from the weight room… Continue reading Season of Fitness Holiday Gift Guide

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Wearing Zumba Clothes Outside of Class

I have to admit that if I wasn’t a part of the Zumba world and I saw someone walk into the grocery store with brightly colored leggings with a plaid shirt tied around their waist, I might have a strange look on my face too. Sometimes you don’t have time to change before you go… Continue reading Wearing Zumba Clothes Outside of Class

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Food Food Food

You know all those sayings “abs are made in the kitchen”, “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet” or “eating healthy is 80% of the process”… well, this isn’t too far off. What you eat is a major part of maintaining your health and fitness.  These sayings may all sound cliché-esque but, there’s truth behind them. In order to either… Continue reading Food Food Food