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The Burn Out Phase

You know that phase where you are tired of your routine and feel like quitting? One name for that is the burn out phase…and it isn’t fun. This applies to all aspects of your life: workouts, teaching classes for instructors, or everyday tasks. This rut we get in can be difficult to escape. I’ve definitely… Continue reading The Burn Out Phase

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Why You Should Go to Jam Sessions

  A bit of information about what jam sessions first. A jam session is a 3-hour workshop taught by a Zumba Jammer, where you learn 4-5 new routines to teach in your classes. Zumba Jammers are instructors hand-picked by Zumba Fitness to lead these sessions. Some instructors think jam sessions are unnecessary because of the… Continue reading Why You Should Go to Jam Sessions


Facing the Mirror vs. Facing the Students

In a previous post, new instructor tips, I stated that I HIGHLY recommend teaching your group exercise classes facing the students the majority of the time. In this post, I’m going to go into more depth on the pros and cons of facing the mirror vs. facing the students. I look at it from two… Continue reading Facing the Mirror vs. Facing the Students