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When it comes to resting, I am the worst at it. I’m a busy person so, when I have a more time than normal, I’m not sure how to act or feel. It makes me feel lazy, guilty and bore.  While I know I shouldn’t, you can’t help how you feel… Anyone else relate? It’s… Continue reading Resting…

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What Would I Be Doing If I Didn’t Teach Group Fitness?

If I didn’t teach group fitness almost every night after work, I would probably be fat – to put it bluntly. I LOVE to eat and it takes serious motivation to get me moving sometimes. Growing up, I stayed in shape due to the sports and dance I was involved in. From the age of 5, I played… Continue reading What Would I Be Doing If I Didn’t Teach Group Fitness?

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NASM Personal Trainer Certificate

This post is a little bit different than my normal posts. I finally passed my personal trainer certification and am now officially a NASM-CPT (certified personal trainer). I have to say that test was a serious challenge. I have been in the fitness industry for about 6 years now; the amount of information you are… Continue reading NASM Personal Trainer Certificate