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Zumba in Da Club

Every once in awhile I get to do some fun events as an instructor. Zumba in Da Club is one of them. It’s a great way to connect with new and current students. My current students get to dance with me in a different environment and try out other instructors; while new students get a… Continue reading Zumba in Da Club

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The Burn Out Phase

You know that phase where you are tired of your routine and feel like quitting? One name for that is the burn out phase…and it isn’t fun. This applies to all aspects of your life: workouts, teaching classes for instructors, or everyday tasks. This rut we get in can be difficult to escape. I’ve definitely… Continue reading The Burn Out Phase


My Zumba Fitness Playlist

Music, music, music! That’s what can make or break a Zumba class. That goes for both students and instructors. As a student in a class – if you’re not feeling the music you won’t get into the work out as much, and you may get discouraged from going back again. As an instructor – if you’re… Continue reading My Zumba Fitness Playlist