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Holidays are Here

The holiday season has arrived! There’s an abundance of delicious food everywhere you look.

It’s difficult to avoid the treats of the season. Especially when there seems to be some sort of holiday event every weekend that involves food.

Set of cute Christmas cupcakes

I know it is difficult to resist the temptation to eat all the goodies but it is possible to find a balance.

Here are a couple tips I use to try to stay on track during this time of year:

1.   Eat BEFORE you go to a holiday outing


If you can eat at home before you go, you can control the type of food you are consuming to fill you up.

 The idea is not only to eat something healthier but to not go to a party hungry. This way you don’t end up overeating.

 Even if you have some of the goodies, you’re less likely to over-indulge because you won’t be as hungry.

 2.   Have a drink BEFORE you go to a holiday outing

First things first; if you are going to drink before going anywhere, make sure that you DON’T drink and drive! Call an uber or a Lyft to transport you to your destination!

 If you don’t drink alcohol at all, even better – then there will be a little less temptation to pack in the calories.


Having a drink at home has the same effects as the aforementioned reasons for eating at home.

 3.   If all else fails, bring your own food

 This is totally dependent on the type of function you’re going to…

 In a potluck type situation or a house party, you could offer to bring a dish. Then make a healthy one that you would be willing to eat so there is an option for you to stay on track.

 almonds-1768792_1920I know if you’re out to a public place this can be more challenging. Unless the venue prohibits outside food, maybe sneak a protein bar or a bag of nuts in your bag. Or take one with you in the car and eat it right before you go in to satiate any lingering hunger.

(Being honest here, this is probably the least likely option– but you never know what may work for you!)

 And FINALLY if you do indulge, there’s no need to feel guilty about it! We’re all human here.

Even if you end up eating like garbage for the whole month of December, we can always get back on track without beating ourselves up.

Have a fun and safe holiday season, fitness peeps!


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