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When it comes to resting, I am the worst at it.

I’m a busy person so, when I have a more time than normal, I’m not sure how to act or feel.

It makes me feel lazy, guilty and bore. 

While I know I shouldn’t, you can’t help how you feel…

Anyone else relate?

It’s completely normal to feel that way. I would like to believe I’m not alone in the world with this thought about resting.

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My resting is happening right now due to a back injury; a strain, to be more specific.

It happened about a month ago while I was teaching a Body Pump class. Sometimes, all it takes is the perfect combination of not paying attention to what you are doing and the wrong positioning to injure yourself.

Forcing myself to take a break from teaching was a great reminder that I need to give my body and mind a rest once in a while.

If you don’t allow yourself time to recover from your day-to-day activities, you will be more prone to injury.

I have been teaching for almost 6 years consistently…that takes a toll on the body. I have had some intermittent breaks here and there. But those were just enough for my body to recover enough to keep going.

With that being said…take a break and DON’T FEEL BAD.

If you’re like me, that is nearly impossible but, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind to stave off those feelings:

•   We only get ONE body in this life; if we don’t take care of what we have how can we expect to live a long healthy life.

•   If you teach group fitness or train people, YOU are the example for your students and clients. We should take care of our bodies so, our participants will follow suit.

•   Avoiding taking a break when your body is injured or begging for one means you will be injuring yourself further.

•   Take the appropriate time to heal…this allows the body to recuperate properly. (Unlike I tried to do the past month, I’ve made my back worse by not letting my back recover how it should have – Now I am at a point where the injury requires a full week of rest at least.)

At least now I’ll know what I would really being doing if I wasn’t teaching group fitness…for a week at least.

Comment below with how you like to rest or how you can relate to feeling bad about resting.

Take a breath and a break to rest your mind, body and soul.

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