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What Would I Be Doing If I Didn’t Teach Group Fitness?

If I didn’t teach group fitness almost every night after work, I would probably be fat – to put it bluntly. I LOVE to eat and it takes serious motivation to get me moving sometimes.

Growing up, I stayed in shape due to the sports and dance I was involved in. From the age of 5, I played soccer and it progressed from there. My mom always kept me involved in one activity or another. I guess that habit stuck as I grew older.

Although I have the habit to stay busy, getting myself into the gym for my own workouts is DIFFICULT. When I first moved to Orange County 3 year ago, there were about 6 months where I didn’t teach any group fitness classes. So, it’s safe to assume that what I would be doing would be similar to those 6 months.

What I was doing…wasn’t a lot. I joined a gym and went around taking classes a couple times a week and ate EVERYTHING in sight. Coming from a city with limited food options to a place with an endless amount of meal choices, I went all out wanting to try the whole shebang.

Proof right here of wanting to eat everything…


It was a sort of mini vacation from teaching. I soon got bored with this routine and began searching for places to teach.

Based on this experience, I know that if I wasn’t teaching in the evenings I would find something  to take up my time. Whether that be my own workouts or another hobby, I would be busy.

Busy? Yes

In shape? Possibly, but probably nowhere near where I am now.

I have periods of time where I wish I didn’t teach group fitness. Every instructor has thought this at some point in time. I think to myself “I would have so much more free time to get my ‘adulting’ done; I would have more time to do fun activities on weeknights that I typically can’t.”

BUT then I remind myself the reason why I do it to make it worth it. I get to help people on a daily basis. I love my students and participants; seeing them succeed in their health and fitness journeys gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I take comfort in seeing them healthy and happy.



I’m also going to be upfront…getting PAID to stay in shape and help others doesn’t hurt the cause either. And living in Orange County, every penny counts.



Even the time when I wish I had more personal time, I always decide I wouldn’t change a thing about my fitness commitment.

My question to you:

Group fitness instructors – what would you be doing if you didn’t teach?

Students and Participants –  what do you like to do as a hobby outside of the gym?

I would love to get your feedback! Comment below.


4 thoughts on “What Would I Be Doing If I Didn’t Teach Group Fitness?

  1. Hey I am a student- Gym is pretty much my hobby— I am a fitness freak and working towards my goal! Yet to be honest i also love blog has made me a better writer and i have seen my grades boosted because of it.. I’ve only recently made this and you should check it out if you would like 🙂 ALSO i LOVE photography… I used to be obsessed then i moved to Australia and got really into fitness..but photography is something i am picking up again x hope this is what u were looking for.. great post i will give you a follow ❤

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    1. If you weren’t a fitness instructor, I think the question would be what would WE do? You have a special gift and a light that inspires ME and many others. ❤️

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