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The Burn Out Phase

You know that phase where you are tired of your routine and feel like quitting?

One name for that is the burn out phase…and it isn’t fun.

This applies to all aspects of your life: workouts, teaching classes for instructors, or everyday tasks. This rut we get in can be difficult to escape.

I’ve definitely been through it and helped myself and others get out of it by using these tips:

Rearrange your Current Routine
  • Workouts – If you always go to the gym on the exact same day and do the exact same workout, try switching it out.

Do the exercises in a different order.

Even try doing different exercises on other days than you normally do.

This not only takes out some of the boredom of the routine, but also causes your body to react to the exercises differently, which makes your workout more effective.

  •  Group Fitness Instructors – Change up your music playlist; even if you keep the same songs, put them in a different order.

Also, you can change up the order of your exercises in the class.

This one can vary quite a bit depending on what type of format you’re teaching.

For instance, in Zumba you could change the order of your playlist with the exact same songs.

OR in a boot camp class you could rearrange the exercises in a different order.

Not only will your participants feel the change but it will give you a break from the normal sequence.

  • Everyday – Whether these everyday tasks are for work, errands, etc. changing your routine is still possible.

It requires getting creative about finding ways to reorganize your schedule so your duties don’t feel so humdrum. The creative process alone can help you feel your brain working a little more.

Learn More About the Task at Hand
  • Workouts – Research the benefits of the workouts you’re doing.

The more knowledge you have about the movements, the more efficiently you can perform them. This can be refreshing information and also lead to better results.

  • Group Fitness Instructors­ – Go to continuing education events.

Not only do you get to learn more about the format, but you get to be around other instructors to network and relate with.

I find my passions get freshly fired up after I attend these events.

I feel more excited to go back to teach my classes using the information I learned.

For Zumba instructors, in particular…GO TO A JAM SESSION! Check out my post solely about why you should attend one.

  • Everyday – For me, constantly gaining new insights about anything that I do is exciting.

This happens on a daily basis for me at work.

I feel refreshed and excited to try out the new knowledge I have about a subject. You can learn something new every day too.

It doesn’t have to be about work; it can be about anything.

Learn more about a hobby you enjoy. Read a blog about something you are interested in.

This makes you feel more enthusiastic about your task at hand.

Try Something New
  • Workouts – Go try a workout you’ve never done before.

There’s so much out there these days that you could try something new every week if you looked hard enough.

To name a few of my favorites that differ from my normal workouts and some I still want to try are: pole fitness, some type of martial arts, Cross Fit, aqua fitness, and barre classes.

Just try something new to get out of your normal schedule.

  • Group Fitness Instructors – Put new songs into your playlist or try new moves in your classes.

Introducing new exercises and music not only will make you excited to get to teach but, your students will appreciate the switch up as well.

As instructors, we can also go take other instructors classes to see the same format we normally teach in a new light. You can always learn from watching others teach.

There’s also a variety of formats you probably don’t teach that you could try.

This will break up your usual routine to feel some relief from doing the same classes all the time.

  • Everyday – This pretty much goes without saying but, trying a new hobby or activity can break up the boredom.

There’s lots to do out there in the world we live in. You may discover a new passion.

And of course there’s always the option to TAKE A BREAK!

Take a little time off of your current schedule to just breath and take a second to clear your mind. It doesn’t have to be long, just enough time to collect your thoughts to get back on track

Hopefully these tips will help you fell a little less burned out and closer to getting out of your rut. Just know you’re not alone and this phase doesn’t last forever. If you have any other tips, please feel free to comment with them or message me to let me know.


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