Resolution Check-In

By this time in the year, most people have started dropping off the New Year’s resolution wagon. Regardless of whether or not you’re still on track, fell off track, or didn’t have a track it’s always good to check in on your goals and see where you’re at.

Accomplishing small goals along the way to your primary goal helps keep you motivated to continue going. I had to come to this realization recently when I became frustrated that I fell off my own ‘resolution wagon’ this year.

I was doing great: losing weight, body fat, and inches. THEN the holidays came and I managed to fall out of my good habits to eat all the delicious food and drinks that come with the holidays. My disciplined eating habits were replaced with mashed potatoes and cookies. Also with all of the holiday events that ensue I stopped going to the gym to do my personal work outs as often.

Now that the holidays have been over for some time, my realization of getting off track helped set me straight on my healthy season path again.

Posted below is a picture of my journey from the past year.

Not going to lie, initially when I saw that I had gained some weight and inches back from my journey the past year, I was pretty bummed. But I reminded myself unhealthy seasons are temporary and that I can get back on track with the right amount of effort.

No matter how far off of our target goal we are, there’s always something we’re able to improve on. For me, that meant focusing on the fact that my strength and endurance has not dropped or leveled out but, still continues to improve. Even though my main goal of leaning out and reaching a certain body fat percentage hasn’t happened yet, I continue to make strength gains at the gym and feel stronger each time I go back. These gains are the ones I decided to focus on to get past my disappointment about a little bit of weight gain.

So, I just wanted to post this as a quick reminder for you to not give up on your goals but, to keep pushing. Even when we have tough months (like I had through the holiday season) doesn’t mean you’re done. Sit down and plan to get back into the game. I love the saying, “failing to plan is planning to fail,” because it’s so true. If you don’t have a game plan to reach your goal, then all you have is a destination with no way to get there.


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