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Feeling It the Next Day

Have you ever felt sore or in a bit of pain the day after taking a class? I’m pretty sure that’s a “yes” for almost everyone. There are two reasons you might experience soreness – basic muscle soreness (good) or injury (bad).

After you complete a workout your body isn’t used to, your muscles might feel tight or even tender. For the most part, that’s normal. Some ways to alleviate that feeling is to stretch out right after your workout and the following day. Foam rolling can do wonders for your muscles as well. Even though the soreness is uncomfortable, working out the next day will help those muscles loosen up to relieve some of that soreness.

As seen here!
As seen here!

If you feel like it may be more than typical muscle soreness ,you should see a medical professional to get it checked out. Some common injuries I see in classes are in the knees, feet, and back. I won’t prescribe anything specific on how to treat the symptom here but, I’ll provide some tips I tell my students and fellow instructors to help prevent injuries.

Shoes are important to the type of class you take. Please feel free to check out my previous post here for tips on shoes. To prevent injuries in dance fitness classes, I recommend shoes that don’t have a lot of traction. Extra traction could force the foot to get stuck on the floor when you turn or twist, resulting in the leg not pivoting how it should. So the foot, ankle, knee, and/or hip can get tweaked.

For non-dance fitness classes, traction on the bottom of the shoe for the most part won’t be a problem, at least for the classes I currently teach other than Zumba.


Form is extremely important for preventing injuries, as well. You don’t have to have good form to go take a class, because the instructor should help demonstrate and discuss form for the exercise you are doing. That will help you avoid injury as much as  possible. This may come in the form as physical body movement or verbal cues. This means it is important to listen and watch in a class to get the information the instructor is trying to convey about safety. It’s one reason I love to face my class when I teach. I get to connect to the students and really check their form to help them avoid possible pain later on. So, take note and try to be conscious while attending classes to get the most out of them.

Hopefully some of those tips help you feel a little less sore to avoid some injuries. As always, if you have any questions or comments leave them below or shoot me a message!



Disclaimer here: I am not giving you medical advice, or telling you how to take care of serious injuries. Only a medical professional can give you that information.


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