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Class Style AKA Swag

When I first started my journey teaching Zumba Fitness I wore typical gym clothes to teach because that’s what I owned and it made sense, since you sweat all the time. Once I became more immersed into the Zumba community I quickly found out that most Zumba instructors had some sort of style they preferred when they taught.

At the time in 2011 cargo pants were all the rage in the Zumba community. They’re still around now, they just aren’t as popular as they used to be. I, of course, felt the need to look the part and that’s how my Zumbawear addiction began. I wore my cargos and tank tops to class in style. Slowly the trend turned from cargo pants to the harem style sweat pants. I followed suit to wearing harem pants with some baggier tank tops. Again, the trend has shifted more towards leggings, capri and full length alike.

Nowadays, all these styles remain relevant amongst Zumba instructors and students. Each instructor brings their own style to class – much like their own teaching style. It doesn’t have to be Zumbawear, it’s whatever brand or type fits them the most.

I love wearing my sweat pants and harem pants to teach Zumba, but since this is not the only format I teach anymore I have mostly transitioned to wearing leggings. They make it easy to go from teaching Zumba to Body Pump or Bootcamp to Zumba. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with wearing harem pants in Body Pump; I just tend to find leggings  more comfortable.

If I have a day where the only workout or class I may be doing is Zumba, then I love to rock my harem pants. Usually I wear a loose fitting tank top or muscle type tank to match. When I wear my leggings in Zumba I almost always use my Zumba flannel to add that extra “swag”. Also, for us larger booty girls, it helps minimize the visual on the jiggle, if  you catch my drift.

I would say about 80% of my gym clothes are from Zumba Fitness. They make great quality clothing. The leggings have a perfect amount of stretch and for the most part, are not see through. You see, when you have a larger behind this can be an issue. I also have to squat test those suckers before wearing them for the first time. They almost always pass the test. This is also another fantastic reason I wear my flannel to Zumba. Just in case I didn’t notice just how see through a pair of leggings might be.

Zumbawear leggings always come in fun patterns and colors. You may think, “but I can’t wear that, it’ll look silly on”; don’t for a minute say that! If you like it and it works for you then flaunt it! Heck, I even go grocery shopping after class in my leggings that are half one print and half a different print. Who cares if someone stares. At least you got the workout in and got to sweat.

Zumba also makes really fun tops in lots of different styles and colors. I like the looser ones because I have a long torso. The tight ones creep up on me but, to each their own since we are all built differently. If you’re interested in some awesome Zumbawear and want 10% off, use code SPRINGZ at check out. This will only work for non-ZIN members (sorry instructors).

Now for the other 20% of my wardrobe that isn’t Zumbawear, honestly, I usually go for whatever is on sale and comfortable. I have a lot of Reebok because their outlet stores always have great sales. My other favorite places to shop for good quality, affordable workout clothes are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Nordstrom Rack, Target, and Walmart.

When you find an item you like, try it on and moving around in the dressing room to see how it moves AND doing a “squat test”. Once you know your size in the brands that you like, you might shop online to find them even cheaper on Amazon.

That about covers my style in class, now go rock your swag out in your next class or workout!


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