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First Time

So it’s your first time in a Zumba Fitness class, or maybe even your first time in a group fitness/exercise class in general; first things first, great job on finding the courage to try something new! Trying something for the first time is always a bit scary, exciting, and maybe even nerve racking. Don’t fret though, everyone has been in your shoes at one point. Even the instructor!

Now that you’ve got the hard part out of the way by stepping into a group fitness/exercise room, try to keep a positive attitude about your workout and be willing to give it your all. For any format, your first class is likely to be a bit frustrating, unless you’ve done something similar to the workout in the past. It’s usually all new movements and exercises that maybe your body isn’t used to.

Don’t get discouraged!

This is where that positive thinking comes in handy. You may not feel you did well your first time…you usually don’t get anything perfect your first time trying it. Stick out that whole first class, even if you think the class and/or you are terrible. Give the instructor and class format the benefit of the doubt.

Unless you absolutely hated it or really couldn’t get into the workout, I encourage you to go back at least one more time and try it again. It will take a few tries for your body and brain to adjust to the movements and type of class. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can put more effort in order to maximize your workout. The only way to feel more comfortable is to keep going back.

Most classes keep their exercises similar enough from week to week that if you go back, it won’t be completely different. This allows you to learn and feel successful in what you’re doing.

Most instructors, myself included, love seeing new faces in their classes. It’s an opportunity for us to connect with more people to provide a way for them to get healthy. Personally, if I notice someone new or they introduce themselves to me, I go out of my way to make them feel comfortable and hopefully successful. I know I am not the only instructor who does this, so don’t feel scared to talk to us or let us know you’re new. We love to help.

Now get out there and try something new!


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