My Zumba Fitness Playlist

Music, music, music! That’s what can make or break a Zumba class. That goes for both students and instructors.

As a student in a class – if you’re not feeling the music you won’t get into the work out as much, and you may get discouraged from going back again.

As an instructor – if you’re not feeling your playlist you may not put forth your full effort for your students. Sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect balance.

For me and my classes I’ve found that balance, much like in life, is what makes my playlist so much fun. I include various rhythms so that there is something for everyone. Myself included.

I always like to keep what we instructors call our Basic 1-rhythms in my playlist so: Cumbia, Salsa, Reggaeton, and Merengue. From there I add any, and all rhythms, to mix it up.

Along with a balance of various rhythms, I also change up the intensity levels to ensure a good work out. Fellow instructors know that Zumba has taught us to go with the interval method of formatting our class. That means our playlist includes high and low intensity  songs.

Zumba students may know that feeling when there’s a fast song that gets your heart going and then a slow one to let you breathe. That’s the whole idea behind an effective interval training session. I love seeing my students get tired and then get a break so they can work hard again. Keep your eyes posted on the blog for my playlists.


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