New Year, New You… Again?

Happy 2017! It’s almost the end of the first month of the new year. How are those resolutions coming along so far?

Maybe you didn’t make any resolutions because you feel as though you never keep them or don’t want to be tied down by something just because it’s a new year.

Regardless of what your resolutions or lack of resolutions are, I hope you’re sticking to trying to stay healthy and keep balance in your life. Resolutions can be tricky; you want to better yourself in some way because a new year is a fresh start–but then when your goals don’t pan out you can get a bit disappointed or maybe down on yourself.

It happens to everyone.

That’s why some people, myself included, tend to not make drastic resolutions. Especially those like saying you want to be a whole “new you”. I try to think of it as not setting myself up to fail. When things don’t end up how you thought, work through it and use the “failure” as a jumping off point to try again or go in a different direction.

Maybe failure sounds harsh, but who cares if you fail? It’s not the end of the world. Use it to your advantage. Learn from it and move on. Now, I’m not saying don’t make any goals or plans for this year. By all means set some goals; in fact, always set goals and strive to be better. That’s something that can and should happen throughout the year, not just at the beginning. This way you can always be working on being a better “you”, not an all new one.

So, I say let’s embrace who we are and work on loving the aspects of ourselves that we can be hard on ourselves for this year. Whether you have specific resolutions in mind or just a general intention of being overall healthier, I hope you strive to be healthy, happy and find balance in all seasons of this year while loving yourself and all your flaws.



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